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8/02/2009 —  Mystic Aquarium

8/02/2009 —  Mystic Aquarium



  1. Shari Knight says:

    Aww…they are the most beautiful twins i have ever seen, just precious.

  2. Steve Boaz says:

    So cute, they go together like peas and carrots. God bless both of them.

  3. Steve Boaz says:

    Lenny l enjoy focusing more on Noah and your family. Makes me feel alot better. Those conspiracy nuts can kiss my you know what

  4. Al Berkowitz says:

    Hi Lenny,

    They look so cute, just quietly enjoying the day. Please give Arielle and Sophia a hug for us. Thinking of Noah and your family.

  5. Perfection in its truest form.

  6. P.S. Lenny

    Beautiful picture of Veronique with the babies. She is absolutely glowing, just as a mother should. My thoughts and prayers will be with her on mothers day just as they were last year. Love…

  7. This could be in a catalogue, so precious!

  8. Ves C says:

    They are so beautiful. My heart breaks. It’s almost Mother’s Day. HUGS to all of you.

  9. They will both be together again holding hands and playing together…my favorite twins <3

  10. And Happy Mother’s Day to Ms.Veronique…she’s so beautiful and my heart and prayers are with her this Mother’s Day…God Bless you all <3

  11. Jan Heins says:

    I agree with Steve. Seeing Noah and his siblings is more comforting than conspiracy theories.

  12. Lenny Pozner says:

    Jan Heins I agree with you however, the Conspiracy theories have reached a threshold and cannot be ignored anymore. Now they must be squashed, awakened, sued, & held accountable.

  13. Jan Heins says:

    Lenny Pozner The silence of the Sandy Hook school board was one way of response. What else can those of us not close to the situation do to help? How do we hold them accountable?

  14. 2 cuties looking into another world. Will be thinking especially of Veronique on Mother’s Day tomorrow.

  15. Steve Boaz says:

    Hi lenny, please wish Veronique a happy mothers day. Give her a big hug from all of us. Make her day special.

  16. Al Berkowitz says:

    Hi Lenny,

    Wishing Veronique a Happy Mothers Day.

  17. Ves C says:

    Hi Lenny.

    Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to Veronique. My heart and thoughts will be with her and Noah tomorrow. Enjoy your precious family and give Veronique and the girls a big HUG.

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