February 8, 2014
5/06/2010  —  Putnam Memorial State Park
February 10, 2014
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8/04/09  —  Bermuda

8/04/09  —  Bermuda



  1. Jan Heins says:

    He has new worlds to navigate now……and he will get us all there.

  2. Al Berkowitz says:

    Just adorable, little captain making sure you reach your destination

  3. Steve Boaz says:

    Well said Jan, l wonder what he is thinking. Wonder and imagination in the mind of a child. We love you Noah.

  4. Shari Knight says:

    He is absolutly adorable and so precious

  5. The stars were shining so bright last night at the beach and I couldn’t help but look up and wonder which star Noah was shining down…I think he might have been the one that was twinkling…Noah you make the night sky and the stars and universe more beautiful <3

  6. Oh hijo mío, si sólo hubieras navegado lejos hacía el este aquél día, hubieras estado a salvo. Estáte seguro que has sido muy querido por todos y que todos te echamos muchísimo de menos. 

  7. T Martinez says:

    oh Noah you are the cutest.your still in my thoughts.

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