June 26, 2013
Noah Pozner was tagged in Lenny Pozner’s album.
July 12, 2013
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  1. Jan Heins says:

    I hope he is having fun, still. I can not believe otherwise……

  2. Shari Knight says:

    the sweetest face ever!

  3. My birthday is this Sunday, the 14th, which marks the 7th month anniversary of Noah’s death and his classmates and teachers. I have really come to dislike the number 14. Thinking of you all. Forever in our hearts. <3

  4. This baby is no more with us……….very very sad feelings for his parent and also for us.

  5. Shari Knight says:

    Thinking of Noah and your family everyday :'(

  6. Eileen Smith says:

    In just about every photo, Noah has this irrepressible spirit and smile on his face.  What a joyful time you must have had with your Noah.  You were blessed with the time you had with him. 

  7. T Martinez says:

     I love this  picture 

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