June 5, 2014
June 8, 2014
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  1. Steve Boaz says:

    Very appropriate for the ignorant. Every time some conspiracy nut makes a comment, throw this wise phrase back at them. They will hate you more.

  2. Lenny,

    You are one of the good ones!!!!

  3. Dan Geiger says:

    I think the definition of a conspiracy theory is what crazy people make up to discredit anyone they don’t like.

  4. I agree that the modern day propaganda is much easier and cheaper  to propagate.

  5. Dan Geiger says:

    Lenny, has anyone made any rude comments to your face or do they only hide behind computers?  I wish people would realize that it’s not ok to say that stuff online, it can come back to haunt them.

  6. Mr.Pozner you are the strongest person I have ever met <3

  7. I get my strength from all of you.

  8. Dan Geiger Mostly behind computers.

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