May 31, 2014
June 5, 2014
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  1. This just takes my breath. Priceless.

  2. Jan Heins says:

    My reaction, too, Avis Fletcher! How I wish Arielle still had her brother…….

  3. T Martinez says:

    Oh that is so sweet.

  4. Look at him signing his name in cursive!

  5. Ves C says:

    That is absolutely beautiful! Arielle will cherish it the rest of her life. I hope she sees him saying the words in her mind, every time she looks at it. I LOVE YOU, NOAH…and so does the world.

  6. Eileen Smith says:

    And she loves him, as do many people, who never met him. Priceless.

  7. Al Berkowitz says:

    We love you Arielle. I know it will never be the same, but I hope it gives her and your family some peace and comfort to know you are loved.

  8. Shari Knight says:

    Oh, how sweet. He loved her so much, breaks my heart to pieces that Arielle had to go through this. Noah <3

  9. Steve Boaz says:

    Brother sister love. So precious and so personal. Their bond will never be broken. We love you to Arielle. Lenny my heart breaks for Arielle and for you and Veronique. The world has lost a loving and sweet child whom we all love, Noah. He has softened my heart and l love him for that.

  10. Dan Geiger says:

    Heartbreaking doesn’t even describe that.  I can only imagine how she must cherish that.

  11. I’m so happy Arielle has this. He had lovely writing. Check out those “e” s! They’re perfect! Like Marybeth said, his name in cursive! I bet he was pleased with this drawing.

    Arielle, you darling girl, Noah will always love you and I’m glad you have his writing. X

  12. I know it, my son is just learning cursive right now, at the end of second grade! Smart boy Noah!

  13. Dan Geiger says:

    Noah had better handwriting than I do, and I’m 31

  14. Lenny Pozner says:

    Dan Geiger I think that was in Kindergarten 🙂

  15. Life on earth is just borrowed time, eternity is forever. I know that they will have forever together. I am just so heartbroken over the loss and the pain to get to forever. My prayers…

  16. Ves C says:

    That sweet work of art is beautiful enough and special enough to be framed. <3

  17. Shari Knight says:

    Ves C I agree with you, what a great speller and great art work, no doubt Noah would have had a very bright future. # love this little man.

  18. This is so heart wrenching and precious at the same time…Noah was just the sweetest cutest little thing…I love him so much <3 OXOX

  19. Cheryl T says:

    This took my breath away.

  20. Love how little kids that age are so interested in cursive writing. Wish it stuck with them! So cute how they use their fingers to space their words. Such a treasure for your daughter!

  21. Dan Geiger says:

    I bet she gets emotional seeing that now.  It’s a reminder of how much her brother loved her.

  22. I hope it is framed one of these days & put in Arielle’s room or house when she gets older.

  23. I know. X Lord, I’m so glad Noah loved you all so strongly and I’m so grateful you are generous enough to share some of his love for you with us.

  24. LOVE that his drawings especially this one are part of his playground!

  25. Yes it was very emotional for me to see that one. So special…

  26. I miss Noah he was a nice soul that is now lost

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