October 24, 2014
Noah Pozner
November 6, 2014
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  1. Wow Lenny

    Noah is the sweetest little Batman ever. What do the girls like to dress up in this Halloween. I hope they feel their little Guardian Angel above them as they collect all that candy. God Bless your little Batman

  2. Ves C says:

    Sweet little Noah…

    You are my hero. 💙

  3. The cutest little batman ever!

  4. Steve Boaz says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Noah is the cutest and sweetest Batman ever. Hope that the girls have a great Halloween , have fun with them Lenny.

  5. Jan Heins says:

    Of course, he would be Batman! Our Superhero above! Thanks for sharing, Lenny.

  6. Oh, sweet little Noah… You are so cute and fresh there in your costume. I try to imagine how many fun things you did that day, what special memories may now have your parents and your sisters of that joyful day. We think of you and your family Lenny

  7. Love the cover pic too! Little cuties! Xoxo love them!

  8. Dan Geiger says:

    What are the girls dressing up as this year?

  9. Oh yes, this cover picture… it takes my breath away any time I look at it. All three of them are so absolutely adorable in this picture. Look at Sophia – so photogenic, and that mischievous smile in that little witch’s face. And than that innocent, sweet smile in this little boy’s face… It is breathtaking… Your children are so beautiful on that autumn day. And they do seem a bit of a handful too! I bet it was an adventurous and joyful day. I wish your kids so much that they’ll have another fun Halloween day with a lot of laughter and love and I hope Veronique and you will enjoy this day with them, every second of it. Sending you lots of love from Spain where kids are also excited about Halloween and want to do all these kinds of things that American kids do. 

  10. Dan Geiger This year is the Z Halloween.  Ari is a Zebra & Sophia is a Zombie.  The  Zebra from Madagascar & Zombie prom queen 🙂

  11. Steve Boaz says:

    Vrey clever Lenny. Sounds like fun. Post pictures of the grils we would love see them. Have a great time Lenny and Veronique.

  12. Zebra, love it, so cute and creative! I’m sure they will both be adorable as usual! Hug them for me ;)

  13. Happy Halloween to the cutest Batman ever and his princesses . I hope Arielle and Sophia get a lot of candy and as much happiness and fun as can be.

  14. Hope the girls had a happy Halloween!

  15. Batman 🙂 Noah comes to save the day…my hero 💜

  16. Such a handsome batman Noah made.

  17. P.S.

    I hope the girls had a great Halloween and got lots of candy!

  18. The Bravest Batman. Telling my kids what fun it must be in North America where Halloween is really big & they asked me if Noah went trick-or-treating. I’m showing them this picture & the cover photo tomorrow. I hope your Zebra & Zombie cleaned up on the candy front last night, Lenny! I have no doubt Noah was with them in spirit.

  19. My favorite little superhero, love him! ❤️Noah❤️🎃

  20. Thinking of Noah as filming for the new Superman vs Batman is filming locally in my area. The Kent house is just down the road from my parents house in Yorkville where I grew up. Rumor is they will not be returning to downtown Smallville for this one which is Plano where I lived with my late husband. Wonder if he’d be a fan of Ben Affleck as the Cape crusader?


  21. Ohhh Mr.Pozner I’m pregnant again and if this baby is a boy I would love to name him Noah Samuel 💜

  22. We would be very Honored, Stephanie. Thank you. 💙

  23. Jan Heins says:

    Worked the voting polls today and a little guy came in with his parents. He could have been Noah’s twin at, maybe, age 5. It was mesmerizing watching him, like seeing Noah, himself.

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