3/08/2012 — Hop Brook Lake
April 1, 2014
April 7, 2014
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3/08/2012 — Hop Brook Lake

3/08/2012 — Hop Brook Lake


  1. These three pictures show our big boy Noah. He will be forever engraved in my heart…

  2. Hi Lenny

    What a wonderful little big boy. I agree with Avis, Noah and your family are forever in my heart. I can just hear him talking about Spiderman and the Green Goblin. God Bless Noah and your family.

  3. Steve Boaz says:

    I agree with all of you, seeing a side of Noahs personality that we don’t get to see shows how why we all love your beautiful Noah. He never will be forgotten.

  4. Jan Heins says:

    I just find it so hard to remember he’s not with us…. And it is so much harder for you and your family, I know.

  5. Such a little sweetheart, I think of him everyday.

  6. I loved him talking about how spider man defeated the goblin 🙂 he had such an imagination <3

  7. So beautiful & so loved. He will never leave you & I know he’s waiting.

  8. Hi Lenny,

    Thinking of Noah on this nice Spring day in CT. I hope your family is enjoying the weather as much as can be. God Bless

  9. We think of Noah on this great Spring day and Easter Monday. We hope Noah’s siblings found a lot of Easter eggs or even had a fun Easter egg roll. We hope you and your family are doing alright Lenny. The best to you! Many greetings from Europe!

  10. Jan Heins says:

    Attended a funeral service today for an 89year-old, but it was Noah that was on my mind. She had a full life, but Noah was robbed…

  11. Such a gentle sweet boy, he’s been on my mind today and you and the rest of your family have been heavy on my heart today as well. Just got a little sad for you, and for Noah after hearing some other sad news. It must be especially hard for you all when emotions blindside you out of nowhere due to bad news, a memory, or just simply a sudden onset of the reality of everything, when maybe you are going along a time of doing ok. You’re just on my heart in this way today.

    I’m sure you are tired of old cliches like Life is hard but God is good, even though its true, it doesn’t change the hard daily struggle. So my prayer for you today is that God will give you supernatural strength to get through every tough moment, and that in those moments he will make his love, care and presence unmistakably evident, so it will increase your faith and trust in him. I pray for healing days to come quickly and for a time where there are more good days then bad. Love to you Pozner family!

  12. Sarah Dow says:

    Good Morning Sweet Noah..You brighten my everyday when I see your beautiful little face

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