5/06/2010  —  Putnam Memorial State Park

8/04/09  —  Bermuda
February 8, 2014
February 10, 2014
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5/06/2010  —  Putnam Memorial State Park

5/06/2010  —  Putnam Memorial State Park


  1. Jan Heins says:

    Today, my thoughts seem to be with you and your journey…..

  2. Steve Boaz says:

    A proud papa! Just beautiful lenny.

  3. What an energetic fun filled day, you and Veronique sure did bless him with a lot of great experiences in his lifetime, that’s something to be so thankful for. Thinking of your family a lot tonight. Praying for you.

  4. T Martinez says:

    Hi Lenny thank you for  all the nice pictures of Noah.

  5. Every day with the kids must have been so much fun, judging from the photos.  Everybody laughing and having a good time.  Thanks for sharing more of Noah and family with us. 

  6. +Marybeth Santos me too I think Noah was very fortunate to have grown in such a beautiful family who had given him everything, and his family was blessed with having this beautiful son who will always be with us because we won’t forget him. Thinking of ‘little man’

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