5/24/2009  —  Essex Train Museum

Noah Pozner
3-24-2011 – – Kings Plaza Mall
July 18, 2015
Noah Pozner
9-6-2010 — Newtown Labor Day Parade
September 9, 2015
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5/24/2009  —  Essex Train Museum

Noah Pozner



  1. The cutest twins ever! Love! Noah looks like he was really thinking about that toy, I can see he was surely a very smart little boy.❤️Noah❤️

  2. Gets me choked up everytime 😢 My favorite twins in the whole world 💗💙 Love them 😘

  3. Thomas! William used to LOVE playing with them too around that time. They have a day out with Thomas at a railway museum around here. Incredibly cute photo!

  4. Traci Griffin-Lappe That’s where that was, at the Essex Train Museum. 

  5. These two are just post card beautiful. Love to all.

  6. Ves C says:

    They truly are the most beautiful twins! Just precious. 💕

  7. Dan Geiger says:

    That sounds like a place Noah would have loved.

  8. He looks so intent on those train cars, true to his character as you have described him. The cutest twins!

  9. Steve Boaz says:

    Lenny, they are so cute together. Love them so much. The connection between Noah and Ari will live forever. She must miss him so.

  10. Hola Lenny, Soy Noah , te escribo de europa, qué tal estás ? Le quiero mucho a tu Noah, ojala estuviera aún en tus brazos , siento mucho que no ppuede ser. Os quiero mucho, siempre veo las fotos. También , me gusta Tomas .  Muxu handi bat Ari eta Sofiarentzat !!! Noah

  11. Hi Lenny

    Always love seeing new pictures of Noah. I think of Noah your and your family everyday.

    I hope you and the girls have had a nice of summer as can be.

  12. Dan Geiger says:

    Have the girls started school?  Are they going to 4th and 5th?

  13. There he is! Always enjoy seeing pictures of Noah. My boys would have liked that place too. “Thomas-he’s the cheeky one” sounds like Noah!

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