9-4-2010 – Just got their haircuts & lollipops – In the Danbury Mall.

October 4, 2014
October 9, 2014
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9-4-2010 – Just got their haircuts & lollipops – In the Danbury Mall.


  1. Omg they are most precious! Great pic! I have been thinking of these two beauties all day… Love!

  2. Ves C says:

    They are incredibly beautiful…

  3. Steve Boaz says:

    So cute and so precious. Love this picture, they are so connected even today. Together forever. Love them both.

  4. This one made me very emotional actually. ❤️Noah ❤️Arielle ❤️

  5. They must have gotten a lot of attention at the mall!  Great pic of Noah and Arielle.

  6. Dan Geiger says:

    Cute pic.  I always wonder how she must feel looking at pictures like this one

  7. P mor says:

    Beautiful twins with beautiful thick hair…

  8. They are so beautiful my word…Such gorgeous dark hair and features…I want to give Ariel a big ole squeeze and comfort her and Noah well I just wanna fall at his feet… Love them so much 🙂

  9. Hi Lenny,

    So cute, really are 2 peas in a pod. Please give all of Noah’s girls a hug.

  10. How beautiful they are. Almost as if they were made of porcelain just to be enjoyed for their beauty. Love to all today…

  11. T Martinez says:

    That is so sweet of the two of them ,lots of love.nice hair cuts.

  12. Fresh from the hairdresser! Love that hug.

  13. Love to see pictures of these two together, you can tell what a little sweetheart Noah was by the way he always hugged his sister, such light in their eyes💕

  14. Oh, my. Look at them two. Noah’s grip. Is there any better definition of love than that grip Noah has on his sister? Arielle is so very thrilled to be loved. 

  15. Jan Heins says:

    Love this picture…….

  16. lindos demais , como adrielle está se sentindo ? conforte ela com lembranças do noah , amostra fotos dele com ela e diga que ela é quem ele mas ama , eu tenho certeza disso .

    esse anjinho agora está no céu .

  17. Sophia says:

    So adorable 🙂 I love the Danbury mall! Hope you guys are doing well. 

  18. Those are just two sweet little faces you can stare at all day, so darn cute!!

  19. So sweet haircuts and so little, they hadn’t even started kindergarten yet. Me too I could stare at this picture all day.They are so gorgeous!

  20. Jim, there are loads of other places your comments hold currency. Not here. Please find your own kind, ‘coz it ain’t any of us.

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