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  1. Shari Knight says:

    I was just talking about this the other day. Im disgusted in this country for doing absolutely nothing after what happened at that school. Other countries took action after similar tragedies, and gun violence dropped dramatically. God help us.

  2. Steve Boaz says:

    Your right Shari, god help us. Apparently no guns laws are more important than the lives of its own citizens.

  3. I’m Australian & have pondered often about how our 2 cultures, strongly similar in many deep ways, can be so different in others. You probably know about the Gun Amnesty held after an horrific shooting in Australia some time ago. I would say that the majority of Australians today are happy with our status quo, not feeling the need to own a weapon to defend ourselves. (Of course there are still shootings and violence)

    I grew up like most kids in Australia- guns were for farmers/ the armed forces/ criminals holding up banks. I say holding up rather than shooting up. Just never saw them, never saw shooting ranges either, it doesn’t seem to be a big hobby. I don’t think I have ever been in a home where there were guns for self-protection. I think that it has a lot to do with the respective histories of our 2 countries, looking at the different ways in which they were born. If we are looking at this as a specifically American cultural issue then that part of the culture needs to shift in order to change & that would be a huge, seismic type of revolution. But I really believe it is coming.And what I think I’m witnessing now is the time when American culture moves away from beliefs that are no longer applicable and do not serve the people.

  4. Ves C says:

    Julia, your description of Australia is very similar to my experience living in Canada. I’ve never even seen a real gun in my presence other than a holstered gun on the belt of a police man standing guard. I remember my family ending up at a McDonald’s during a trip, where a troupe of Canadian Military personnel had also stopped for food. There were at least 10 of them; men and 2 women. As far as I could tell, they did not carry any weapons with them into the public restaurant. It just doesn’t happen here. There is respect for common civility.

  5. Dan Geiger says:

    Ves and Julia, I would say I don’t dislike America, I just wanna make it a better place.  I do wish I didn’t have to worry so much about guns.  I work in a library, and we once had a day of training that focused on what to do if someone came into the library and started shooting.  How sad is it that we have to do that?  They even brought in a real (unloaded) assault rifle. 

  6. Ves C says:

    Dan, I can just imagine how disturbing and uncomfortable such an exercise would be to someone with no gravitation toward an instrument of death. This gun culture is a horrific nightmare that America must wake up from. It’s just so senseless.

  7. Dan Geiger says:

    Ves, it was disturbing, and no, I didn’t have the opportunity to hold the gun, and I doubt I would have.  It’s scarier being in a building where I know there are kids.  I hope I’m never in that situation, but if I am, I hope I’m half as courageous as the Sandy Hook teachers.  Illinois also just passed a law allowing concealed carry.

  8. Shari Knight says:

    Dan Geiger my little guy is a third grader, and they have lockdown drills often, where they all pile up in a corner, Thats sad that schools even have to practice to be somewhat prepared for a situation like this. I wish there was more focus on making schools safer. After 12-14-12, our schools put in security cameras and all doors except the front entry door are locked…but that to me is not good enough.

  9. I really do think that despite all these setbacks, change is growing. Maybe in small ways but it is coming. So I encourage Lenny, Veronique and all of us to keep at it because fighting the Good Fight is what Noah & all those killed at Sandy Hook deserve. I love that Richard Martinez is so open in his anger and disgust- just like Veronique and Lenny, they know what they are talking about. I feel anger when I think of a person decididing to take a life and I wish I could ease the burden of grieving parents.

  10. Dan Geiger says:

    Sheri, I remember being in high school at the time of Columbine, and that was when they first had lockdown drills.  I admit, I did get anxious about going to school right after that.  I’m sure most parents were anxious about sending their kids to school after Sandy Hook.

  11. Graham Jose says:

    I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. In Australia, mostly it’s the bad guys that still have guns…but that’s a good thing. They generally kill each other, and the police that try to stop them killing each other. In Australia, when a criminal attempts to commit a crime using a gun, they really don’t want to use it. It’s a significant cultural difference. We haven’t had a massacre since we clamped down on gun ownership. 

  12. Shari Knight says:

    Dan Geiger I can say that I still am nervous sending my kids to school. It used to be not a worry dropping them off at school, but things are different now.

  13. Ves C says:

    I find myself subconsciously diverting my eyes away from school buses and schools as I pass them on the road. My mind has associated these with the horror of Sandy Hook, and my eyes well up with tears and I get huge lumps in my throat before I can even think about it. If I’ve been affected this way without losing a child, I can only imagine the pain of these parents who have lost their children. Noah, it seems, is on my mind 24/7, because when I look at my little boy, Noah’s face looks back at me.

    After Sandy Hook, the schools here were mandated to lock all doors and install security cameras and a buzz in system at the main doors. This measure didn’t stop that animal Lanza from getting in anyway.

    It’s the gun culture that has to change, as well as the monitoring and reporting of the mentally ill. I hope America takes action soon.

  14. Dan Geiger says:

    The Sunday after Sandy Hook my church had the kids Christmas program.  I always enjoy it, but I think it was more emotional that year. A few months after that they had a tribute to to peace and love, which included a tribute to Sandy Hook.

  15. There is no way to totally protect a school or any other public place. The only good way to prevent shootings is that civilians can’t legally have weapons, at least not the semi-automatic ones with lots of ammunition which are good to go to war. This would absolutely definitely reduce the number of tragedies!

    In Germany and in Spain schools are not locked, students don’t do lock-down drills, there are no security cameras. But, of course, a psycho killer could also come in Germany or Spain with an illegally purchased semi-automatic and he or she would mow down the kids as well. The difference is that the probability of someone insane being able to carry out a mass shooting is higher in a country where you can buy an AR 15 in the shopping center. It is more than scary to see people like Alex Jones on TV, just the way this person has a conversation speaks for itself:

    Piers Morgan Alex Jones Full Show

    It is very sad to observe from the outside such a big part of American society being so extremely rigid about their ways. 

  16. Piers Morgan had courage putting hypocrites and bullies on the spot and it is true what he said: Enough American people should stand together and cry “Enough!”


    Having fired Piers Morgan for devoting a few hours solely to gun violence in America, CNN has proved what we already knew about them

  17. Ves C says:

    Well said, Sandra. Rigid to the point of insanity. Those that cling so tightly to the right to have as many and whatever type of killing machine they want, and be able to tote them around in public, often cite the tyrannical government paranoia. This is very similar to the hoaxer mentality. It’s quite apparent the hoaxers aren’t dealing with a full deck, so you have to wonder about the mental states of the gun clingers as well.

  18. Family and friends often tell me that I am obsessive with the gun control in America, with the shooting at Sandy Hook, that it is not our business, well we are far away. But I can’t help looking at America. I grew up there for some time and I have beautiful memories. To me it’s a beautiful place to be, but usually the opinion here would be that it is the worst country of all, the country that brings harm on other countries and harm to their own people. I truly think that the American spirit has to develop further, has to adapt to what you have learned is wrong. Your government needs to adjust the second amendment to what you have learned: Better don’t have thousands of semi-automatic assault rifles with a 100-round drum magazine at hand of civilians because eventually, it will cause tragedy!

    It is good to see courageous people who make their point in public:


    Just as Lenny who is courageous and besides everything he has to bear, he just doesn’t sit there and does nothing, but he lets his heart be heard!

  19. Jim Carrey’s song represents the American gun culture, in my opinion. Probably it is not so appropriate to take on a dead man, but to me this also represents that you can’t actually talk to the people who are alive and who are so much pro-gun, like Alex Jones. They won’t listen to people with a different opinion. Like children they would insist in their “right”, not wanting to hear any argument, they would not want to learn from all the bad experiences. If you can’t have a conversation with them that would lead to some reasonable change, then attracting their attention in other ways seems an option: 

    Cold Dead Hand with Jim Carrey

    This at least got their attention. Watching FOX News makes you want to leash out irrationally:

    Fox “News” about Jim Carrey – Mocks Gun Owners “Cold Dead Hand” – “Killed” people

  20. Dan Geiger says:

    I think about how about how most parents are anxious about sending their kids to school after Sandy Hook.  I can’t even imagine how Lenny and Veronique feel.  Are Arielle and Sophia ok with going to school now or do they get nervous about it?  

  21. Lenny Pozner says:

    Dan Geiger They love their teachers and have had a wonderfull school year. They are just regular kids at school. The trauma for us can be triggered at anytime. For instance there was an incident one morning that created more traffic than usual near the school drop off area and a news van was present and that just took us right back to the 12/14 firehouse anxiety.

  22. oh yes, I can imagine that very well.

    This ctpost picture comes to me of you walking on the road by the school with Ari and Sophia but without Noah, with all the cars and police and firefighters helping. This picture is the hardest, you dropped three kids off at school in the morning and only took two home. I’m so sorry. I wish Ari&Sophia the very best and I love to hear that they have had a wonderful school year and that they love their teachers. It sure is a gift that they survived and I feel happy for you and their mom that you will see them grow. 

  23. Ves C says:

    Jim Carrey is a naturalized American citizen. His response to the backlash regarding Cold Dead Hand:


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