Being a twin is a special experience that few of us get to enjoy.

Noah Pozner
Rockaway Beach
October 16, 2015
Noah Pozner
November 22, 2015
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Being a twin is a special experience that few of us get to enjoy.

Being a twin is a special experience that few of us get to enjoy.  Twins can never be separated, ever.  This is why we know beyond a doubt that our twins are united in spirit forever, and most especially today.  Happy Birthday, Noah & Arielle.  We love you.  Mommy & Daddy.


  1. Ves C says:

    Happy Birthday Noah and Arielle! You are the most beautiful children the Universe could ever give this world. You are incredibly loved and cherished.

    Noah, you are missed every moment of every day…but your presence is always felt around those who love you; sweetest angel. ❤️

  2. Happy birthday Noah and Arielle! You are and always will be lived and cherished. Praying for you all and especially Arielle today!

  3. Happy birthday Noah and Arielle! You are the most precious twins ever! You inspired us to cherish every day with every moment in it. You are just the cutest with these little Sponge Bob hats. Thank you for sharing those seconds of footage with us! Today is your day, enjoy and celebrate!!!

    Noah, the world is better because you’ve been in it! We will always love you!

  4. Happy Birthday Arielle and angel Noah. You know he is celebrating with tacos and Legos in Heaven!

  5. Steve Boaz says:

    Happy birthday Noah and Arielle. The most beautiful twins ever. Loved and never forgotten. Ari have a wonderful day, have fun. Noah is there with you forever. I will light a candle for you Noah we love you.

  6. My heart never fails to break all over again. Love.

  7. Jan Heins says:

    Happy birthday, Noah and Arielle. You will always spend this day together in spirit, if not in presence. We love you both!

  8. Happy Birthday Noah and Ariel 😅 Noah is celebrating with you all in Heaven 👼👆💖

  9. Noah sitting there so graciously. I love that he looked around at everyone singing & took it all in. Love that he had his twin to share with. Many more birthdays to come for us to remember & celebrate the life you loved, Noah.

  10. Hi Lenny,

    Please give Arielle a birthday hug from us. Noah will forever be with her, wherever she goes.

  11. What a beautiful memory!  Happy Birthday to Arielle, and to Noah in heaven.  Growing up fast.  We are all thinking of them, today.

  12. Happy Birthday, Noah and Arielle. I thought a lot about them and your family today. My twins and I purchased a cake today and we had a piece in Noah’s honor, Arielle’s honor, and your family’s honor, Lenny. I hope you were able to find some joyful moments today. Noah, you, Arielle, and your whole family inspire many people across the country. The birthday video is fantastic. Peace and comfort.

  13. I love the way he stares at the candles, they are the most beautiful twins❤️

  14. Dan Geiger says:

    I hope Ari had a great birthday

  15. Dan Geiger says:

    Twins have a bond that can’t be broken even by death.  I know every birthday will be extra emotional for her

  16. Haven’t been on here much getting hit hard this cold and flu season… awe… our family get togethers for birthdays the kids do the same thing with the cha cha cha and the other thing at the end. Will definitely think of this as we celebrate William’s birthday in a few weeks even more than I usually think of the children on his birthday. 💙

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