Enjoying Sophia’s Birthday Party – February 2008

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March 24, 2018
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Enjoying Sophia’s Birthday Party – February 2008


  1. Ves C says:

    Love him so much..


  2. Happy Birthday to Sophia! If I’m not mistaken she will be the big 1-3!!!!

  3. Blue says:

    Pete D. Really? Where do you work Petey?

  4. Blue says:

    Pete D. Fake? Like that badge glued on your shirt, petey?

  5. Pete D. You’re a scumbag.

  6. So sad that the Rent A Cop

    feels the need to express his lack of intelligence here, of all places.

  7. Blue says:

    Avis Fletcher More sad this punk was born.

  8. Ves C says:

    Pete D. Spiffy uniform. It’s very nice. I hope you aren’t terribly attached to it.

  9. I believe every breathing being has the right to life, just as I believe we have the right to honor the memories of those who have went on before us. This person should be ashamed of himself for attacking this little boys memory. I’m sure his

    mother is proud!

  10. Blue says:

    Avis Fletcher I disagree. I will kill a rat or a flea without caring. I am not suggesting the same for hoaxers, but my patience with these scumbags has ended. Hoaxers have no rights I need respect.

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