Google case over online abuse settled

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November 20, 2014
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November 28, 2014
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Google case over online abuse settled

Google case over online abuse settled


  1. That’s great, you should do the same, and bring all the internet trolls that spread lies to court to, after all your family has been through, you should have never ever had to deal with this nonsense. I really hope that one day all these search engines can come up with some way to filter out the negative and abusive content.

  2. Dan Geiger says:

    Yes people have freedom of speech, but that does not include the right to spread lies and slander.

  3. Ryan Hall what because you saw it on you tube it’s real? Do you think because it’s on the Internet that it is true?? Do you believe everything you read?

  4. Dan Geiger says:

    You didn’t know that they can’t put anything on Youtube unless it’s 100% true?  That’s why the world ended in 2012

  5. Dan Geiger says:

    Shari, I’m sure it’s been one person with a bunch of screen names that’s been doing all of this harassment the last few days.  

  6. Oh my… I’ve been away for some time and now reading all the comments. There are really some deranged people out there. Unbelievable they write their nonsense on this page, dedicated to sweet little Noah. Especially the one who described to the world how he speaks to his demon. Oh boy… I hope he has that from a psych book. This one even wrote weird things on my Google pages. The IT-service people at work have reported the comments posted by that person to Google Deutschland where they are being checked for “anti-constitutional material”.

    I agree with Shari Lenny, you should bring all these people who harass you to court.

  7. Sandra Brattge It is in progress and it requires a lot of evidence gathering so that it gets done correctly one time with the maximum award & punishment under the law.  Also there are new laws coming online in some countries next year that will greatly amplify the outcome.

  8. Fight the good fight.  I know you will Lenny. 

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