March 6, 2014
9/26/2010  –  Far Rockaway Beach
March 12, 2014
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improved audio

improved audio


  1. I love his little laugh right before he starts talking. Sweet boy.

  2. Hi Lenny,

    Such a beautiful happy little boy. So choked up right now. Forever in my thoughts. He will always be a part of our lives. God Bless

  3. Sweet sweet laughter from the little boy we have all fell in love with. Thank you for this gift.

  4. Jan Heins says:

    I love this video! I love this boy! I hope the object of his affection knows of it. (I hope it wasn’t one of his classmates)

  5. Thank you Lenny for giving us an even better sound of your sweet boy. I really love his voice and his big smile, his cute facial expressions and these sparkles in his eyes, he is just so very adorable. This marvelous boy had it all. Thank you Lenny for sharing

  6. I just love this boy…so much with all my heart <3

  7. <3 Love Noah, he is the sweetest

  8. I love the first couple seconds of this video when he smiles and looks into the camera…priceless

  9. Shari Knight He thought it was going to be a regular photo, so he smiles for a picture.

  10. What a cute and lovely boy! We need to make safe our world for all babies.

  11. What a beautiful smile, Noah is precious and perfect in every way…thinking of Noah a lot today 🙂

  12. I just watched this again. Hi beautiful Noah. the little laugh, so wonderful. Precious child.

  13. 😢😔 thinking of sweet Noah❤️😔

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