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Noah Pozner
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Noah Pozner



  1. Jan Heins says:

    Such a pensive look. How old was Noah, here?

  2. He looks a lot like Veronique here actually! So handsome as always!

  3. Scott gove says:

    Was just thinking of you Noah .. <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. Good Morning Noah. You look like you’ve snapped a selfie after running around getting rosy cheeks. Beautiful little one.

  5. Breath takingly beautiful 💙 I love you so much Noah 💞

  6. Shari Knight says:

    Awwww I love that sweet beautiful face, he’s about the cutest boy I have ever seen❤️

  7. Shari Knight I agree!  The cutest boy.  Love and prayers to family. 

  8. Ves C says:

    Always so beautiful. He is the most perfect boy. Love you precious Noah. 💙

  9. Steve Boaz says:

    Such a cute little boy. You just to reach out and hug him. So special, so loved.

  10. Al Berkowitz says:

    Hi Lenny,

    Thinking of Noah and his friends today.

  11. Thinking of everyone…….


  12. Shari Knight says:

    The most beautiful face, I have ever seen❤️ I think of him everyday

  13. Shari Knight says:

    Who ever has anything bad to say about this sweet innocent baby is crazy! What’s wrong with this world?god help us.

  14. Ves C says:

    Not a day goes by that Noah isn’t on my mind. Not one. ❤️

  15. Steve Boaz says:

    That goes for me to Ves.

  16. Al Berkowitz says:

    Same here, Love you Noah

  17. Shari Knight says:

    Same here…. 😔….He certainly was most precious ❤️

  18. Scott gove says:

    Thinking of you today especially lenny give the girls a hug…love you all Scotty oxoxo

  19. Lenny Pozner says:

    Jan Heins he’s likely 5 in this picture.

  20. Jan Heins says:

    He looks older in this pic….

  21. Ahhhhhhhh…………so this picture was taken just a few months before you PRETENDED Noah died . Lol

  22. It will be a glorious day when I finally see in the news that Lenny Pozner has been exposed for his campaign of lies.

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