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May 17, 2014
May 26, 2014
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The trio

The trio



  1. Jan Heins says:

    At least Arielle and Sophia have each other and can keep Noah alive between them. Wishing them happiness.

  2. The three most beautiful kids I had ever seen, I cant imagine the pain of losing Noah…tears :(

  3. Ves C says:

    Their physical bond should not have ended in this world for many years to come, but the bond to each other in their hearts will remain strong forever. I am heartsick for their loss. Love…

  4. I have never seen a more beautiful threesome. Love.

  5. Sophia looks like a super big sister. I am sure Noah and Arielle looked up to her for everything, the good and the bad. I guess what I want to say is that I hold her in my heart as I do Noah and Arielle. I always remember that she is still just a baby, too.

  6. Steve Boaz says:

    Lenny, what a beautiful picture. You and Veronique should be so proud.The three of them will be soulmates forever. The love they have for each other will never be broken.

  7. Sophia and Ariel…Noah is watching over you and is with you all the time…he will never leave you both…you will see your brother again <3

  8. The tenderness of their love for one another is so evident here.

  9. Just precious.  These photos will mean so much to the girls one day.  They have a bond that cannot be broken with Noah.  He will be with them, in spirit. 

  10. So lovely. Their love for eachother shines through. Sophia, Arielle and Noah are always in my thoughts. Have a peaceful Memorial Day Weekend. May there be many warm memories to warm your soul. Gob Bless

  11. Such a sweet photo! These pictures will be even more important and precious to Sophia & Arielle as they grow up. I’m so touched whenever I see their love for each other.

  12. Ves C says:

    Me too, Julia. Their love for each other is so heartwarming. Such beautiful children.

  13. T Martinez says:

    they are all so sweet beautiful kids yes this is so heartwarming. love little Noah cute little guy.

  14. T Martinez says:

    He really loved his sisters.Thinking of you and your family.

  15. Ves C says:

    I know what you mean Lauren. I have 3 that fight as well. Boy (13), girl (11), boy (8). The little one always gets the short end of the stick. Sophia, Arielle and Noah are a beautiful and touching example of how siblings should regard each other; so close, so loving, so happy. Tears…

  16. Lauren Machamer I wouldn’t say that there wasn’t some good spirited fighting 😉

  17. Lauren Machamer I’m with you, my kids are bickering or competing with each other allll the time! I had the same thought as you when I saw this pic! But I do have sweet moments like this too captured. I should pull them out and put them on the fridge to remind them when they are fighting!

  18. I think all of us who have multiples have this problem, but you guys have to admit that these are some of the funniest stories to tell after the fact.

  19. Thinking of your precious family tonight, you have really done well by Noah, I have so much admiration for you and Veronique, you have both been so open and honest, and even though youve suffered for it, you have still been incredibly generous to share him, and your girls with us. To even have that kind of trust, and perseverance to keep his memory alive after all you have endured is amazing. I was thinking today about how many evenings in the days and months following the tragedy, that I spent unable to sleep, or waking up in a cold sweat thinking specifically about your family, and Noah, how many nights I spent praying in intense grief for you all. I know I am not alone. And now you have given us a gift, a connection, a gift of life, Noah’s life, the gift of your life, your families life, Noah now lives on in each of our hearts more than just a face, it heals my hurting heart a little, it is because you have allowed us in to see these glimpses, that he is bringing joy and love even in his absence. Sorry I know it’s kind of an emotional rant, but all the recent shooting has stirred up my own emotions a little and I’ve been thinking of you all and wanted you to know how much admiration I have for you all as parents. Noah will never be forgotten!

  20. Beautifully said Marybeth. We will hold Noah close to our hearts for the rest of our lives. Thank you Lenny and Veronique for letting us see how special a boy Noah was.

  21. What a precious photo. I would want to be a little mouse going back in time and be in your house and see your trio run and play. It sure was the best ever. They seem to have had such a close relationship to each other. Always think of your trio when the trio here at school comes to class that are the same ages your kids are. Last week the older girl who turned 9 in March was sick and the mother called saying that it is impossible to bring the twins in to school who’ll turn 8 in October because they always want to stick together with their older sister. They take care of each other in class. There is such a strong bond between them. The twin boy is also taller and stronger than the twin girl and the older girl a head taller then the boy. When I am with them I always think about your trio. And I sure imagine how much life there was in your house with the trio! It is so hard to imagine that one school day, this animal changed it all forever. I hate this person so much . Even though I once thought that I shouldn’t judge that guy’s parents, I now do and I hate them too because they should have known better. What did they need all these firearms for? What does anybody need these deadly things in their home anyways? There can always be an accident with them even. What for? And who would teach their kid to use an assault rifle even and shoot a target, what for? Here in Spain you would forbid your kid to play with a toy gun even, you wouldn’t even buy a toy gun ever. Somehow I will get to hate this country of yours because they won’t change anything to protect their people from deadly war weapons that will mow down an entire school class in seconds

  22. Cheryl T says:

    Another favorite photo. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Thinking of these little sweetie pies today 🙂

  24. Dan Geiger says:

    Did Sophia go to first grade at Sandy Hook also?  I don’t know if I’ve ever read how long you lived there.

  25. Dan Geiger Yes Sophia started school at SHE also.  We arrived in Newtown in 2005.

  26. Thinking of these beautiful, beautiful children today.

  27. Sarah Dow says:

    Love this pic..They loved each other so..

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