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May 21, 2013
June 1, 2013
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  1. Ho my god!

    You are such a beautiful angel Noah.

    Mr. Pozner, your little man to touch my heart.

    Sweet thought the whole family Pozner and noah little angel <3

  2. Tara Smyth says:

    I’m sure this photo must bring back many happy memories.  Thanks for sharing your memories via photos with us.

  3. Cheryl T says:

    Look at the way Noah is looking at you in this picture. Pure love. 

  4. It will be just like this…when you see him again. Much love to you today~

  5. Jan Heins says:

    Still thinking of Noah daily……

  6. Thank you for sharing photo of a younger Noah.  He is still very much in my thoughts and prayers, as is your family.

  7. Thinking of Noah today…with a heavy heart.

  8. Jan Heins says:

    Shari, every day…….

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