Noah Pozner
9-6-2010 — Newtown Labor Day Parade
September 9, 2015
Being a twin is a special experience that few of us get to enjoy.
November 20, 2015
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Rockaway Beach

Noah Pozner


  1. Scott gove says:

    Love this …god bless them <3 <3

  2. Jan Heins says:

    Another wonderful pic of Noah 💓🔆 That’s Sophia, right?

  3. Ves C says:

    Another testament to Noah’s beauty and love.

    He and Sophia look so content in each other’s company. 💙💜

    Noah…you are adored.

  4. Beautiful blessings are your children.

  5. Al Berkowitz says:

    Hi Lenny,

    Such a handsome little man. So cute and loved.

  6. Steve Boaz says:

    Very nice memory for you Lenny. Beautiful children! God bless Noah.

  7. Eileen Smith says:

    Another lovely photo of Noah and his sister.  Such beautiful children! 

  8. Shari Knight says:

    Omg are they ever precious! Love!

  9. Dan Geiger says:

    That’s a great pic.  I bet she really cherishes pics like that.  How old is he?  I’m guessing it’s from later in his life.

  10. Noah you are so gorgeous 💙

  11. Lenny Pozner says:

    Dan Geiger  I think this was taken in June of 2012 – Noah was 5 at the time.

  12. Al Berkowitz says:

    Hi Lenny,

    Seeing all these wonderful pictures of Noah as a baby, it’s sad that he is really so young, 5 or 6, in his older pictures. I never had the honor to meet him, but please know so many people love and miss him. God Bless you and your family.

  13. Glad you had your camera that day. 💗

  14. Dan Geiger says:

    I hope the girls had a great Halloween

  15. Al Berkowitz says:

    Love you little Batman

  16. Jan Heins says:

    You are on my mind today, Noah, as always…..

  17. Hi Lenny, Love to you and your family. I am so sorry that you lost that precious, beautiful little boy.

  18. Lenny Pozner says:

    Deanna Spingola Thank you for your thoughts Deanna & thank you for your work in cutting through all the noise.

  19. Joel Nelson says:

    Lenny Pozner you have my condolences, i feel really bad for you about all these weirdos that say you are lying and that you are an actor, i am so sorry for your loss

  20. Dan Geiger says:

    I will be thinking of your family tomorrow.  I hope Ari has a great birthday

  21. Al Berkowitz says:

    Hi Lenny,

    I hope Ari has a Happy Birthday. I know Noah is looking at her today, and will always be with her.

    Please let her know people are praying and thinking of her and Noah all over the worlds today.

  22. Happy birthday sweet Arielle and our precious Noah.

  23. Cheryl T says:

    Happy birthday Arielle!!! Happy Birthday Noah!!! Love to you and your family on your special day. 

  24. Sarah Dow says:

    Thinking of you today Lenny and Family..Happy Birthday sweet Noah..

  25. Dan Geiger says:

    Happy Hanukkah to your family

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