Noah Pozner
July 1, 2015
Noah Pozner
3-24-2011 – – Kings Plaza Mall
July 18, 2015
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Noah Pozner


  1. Ves C says:

    So hard…



  2. Ves C says:

    Hugs to all of you.

  3. magulater1 says:

    How emotionally hard on you and your family.


  4. Jan Heins says:

    I thought of Noah this week while at a funeral for a friend. The friend had had a long, good life, even though he was still young at 66. I thought of Noah and your family and how unfair life is sometimes.

  5. Touching….Breaks my heart.

  6. Steve Boaz says:

    Heartbreaking Lenny. You and your family are in my prayers. I also prey l will meet Noah someday and get to give him a big hug. I see ari is growing up so fast. Noah is still a part of her always.

  7. Dan Geiger says:

    My heart breaks for her.  Twins have a bond that even death can’t break.

  8. 🙁 May he rest in Peace I am so so sorry this had to happen

  9. Ari looks beautiful though. You can tell she misses him. Hugs to all💜💛💙

  10. He is always with her and he will never leave her and he is always watching over his family 💖There is not a day that goes by that Noah does not cross my mind and I love him so much 😘

  11. Hi Lenny,

    Arielle is becoming a very cute young lady. Her twin and her are always in my families thoughts. So touching.

  12. Ohhhh….tears, I can see how much she loves and misses him, sending hugs

  13. A bond that should never have been broken; sacrosanct.  Love to Pozner family.  We will never forget Noah and the children.

  14. We would want to put a stone too because we think of Noah and you every day Lenny. We are so sorry.

  15. Scott gove says:

    Tears my heart apart every time… I never stop working to protect his memory… I love you and your family always <3

  16. Stunning. Haunting. Love to all of you.

  17. Hi Lenny

    I’m just an Australian who read the story in The Trace this morning ( which featured this photo

    As the father of a son myself, I cannot fathom what you’ve gone through, but I wish you every strength and success in fighting the lies about your son and his friends

  18. Dermott Banana Thank you, Dermott, for your support. TheTrace featured a similar photo from one year earlier.

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