October 9, 2014
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October 20, 2014
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  1. Steve Boaz says:

    Great picture of the children lenny! Time to relax and enjoy each other. Just love it, so cute.

  2. Awww three beauties! I don’t care how much time passes, the depth of your loss is just immeasurable, I just can’t imagine losing someone so precious ❤️Noah ❤️

  3. Ves C says:

    These three are so incredibly precious, it makes me cry…

    Love them so much… xoxoxo

  4. Thinking of Noah and your family today. This is a cute picture, I love the looks on their faces, Noah’s expression here reminds me of an expression my youngest makes. Sweet beautiful boy Noah, you are missed.

  5. Ves C look at his sweet little face in this picture, he looks just like your little one here💙

  6. Ves C says:

    Yes, Shari Knight, he sure does. I just love this sweet little boy so deeply, it hurts.

  7. The beauty of childhood and innocence…

    Love today as always….

  8. Totally unplanned, we had Taco night at our house…I needed a quick meal and that’s what I had on hand…I thought of Noah the whole meal. Love to you all!

  9. Another idyllic moment with the threesome.  Wish they were still together.  Just darling, the sweetness on Noah’s face.

  10. What a lovely carefree moment! Kids are so great at living in the moment. I’m so glad you took so many pictures Lenny. As parents, it is our job to record those moments as well as join them too, which you seem to have done admirably. I wish for you countless more moments of “happy in the now ” moments with Arielle & Sophia as well as happy moments when you remember times like this picture with Noah.

  11. Hi Lenny,

    Thinking of Noah and his friends today. They look like they are just swinging and relaxing. Noah looks so calm. I am sure he is looking from above at his family. Watching over. I hope you and your family feel as much peace and love as can be. God Bless

  12. A few days before their haircuts at the Danbury Mall. So sweet the three of them, such cute expressions. Love them! Is that swing at your home Lenny?

  13. Omg I have tears in my eyes because all I can say about this pic is that this is exactly how all three of them are gonna be when they are reunited in Heaven…sitting on a swing or a bench just the three of them and Noah telling them all about his adventures <3

  14. Jan Heins says:

    All of the above comments express what I feel. It must be as hard for the girls, as it is for you and Veronique, in like moments without Noah.

  15. Sandra Brattge This was at a friends house.

  16. ❤️thinking of Noah ❤️

  17. Dan Geiger says:

    I love seeing them together, they were always so happy.  I feel bad for the girls that he was taken from them.

  18. It’s always a good day when I see a new picture posted of Noah, and of course, seeing the girls with him is always special. 

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