July 25, 2014
July 25, 2014
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  1. Ves C says:

    Coming along beautifully… 🙂

  2. Steve Boaz says:

    Lenny this special project is going to be a great success. I only hope that l can visit Noahs playground someday.

  3. So glad to see that Arielle and Sophia got to be such a big part of this. I am sure that they are eager to do all that they can to honor the brother that they love so much…

  4. Noah is looking down and smiling at all of you and I’m sure he feels the love for up above <3

  5. They are getting it done alright!

  6. Jan Heins says:

    Still, it’s hard to see them without Noah….

  7. Dan Geiger says:

    I’m sure it’s not the same for them without Noah, but they’re lucky to have each other.

  8. Bojack Horseman what the hell are you talking about?

  9. Dan Geiger says:

    I have some creative names for Bojack Horseman, but this is a family page lol

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