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  1. Steve Boaz says:

    Love it!. Noah is so cute. His loving eyes just melt my heart.

  2. Words can’t even describe how beautiful Noah is…he truly melts my heart every time I look at him.He’s gorgeous and so perfect in every way <3

  3. His beautiful soul and gentle nature were captured in this photo. 

  4. Cheryl T says:

    This pix exudes feelings of love, trust and comfort. What a nice photo.

  5. Little cutie! We wish you a happy Valentine’s Day Noah! You are so precious and perfect in every way. How we’d wish that you’d be still jumping and playing around there! 

  6. Hi Lenny, you still awake, or up early , we wish you a happy Valentine’s Day too, as happy as can be. I’m sure you’ll make it a love-filled day for your children!

  7. It’s the three siblings on the cover photo. Last night I was joking with their mom, how they manage the three of them, with all the school work and extra activities etc. and she said “Si,  ¡la vida es una gran aventura!” And there is a lot of joy, too. We wish your family a very joyful San Valentine’s Day!

  8. He is looking with love at the photographer. Looks like those rosy cheeks are the result of lots of jumping! The bits of leaves on the trampoline & in his hair are great. A relaxed happy little boy who knows he is loved.

  9. Julia Macaulay I know he has the most beautiful full ruby red lips…I would give any thing to have lips like Noah <3

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