January 22, 2014
January 23, 2014
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  1. Steve Boaz says:

    What can you say, just beautiful.

  2. Keri Quammen says:

    Just when I think I have a favorite…..photos like this come along.

  3. Nina Bays says:

    He stole my heart the first time I saw his beautiful smile. How can you love someone you have never met!

  4. Steve Boaz says:

    Nina, l ask myself that same question all of the time

  5. Lenny, could you please check out The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson for Arielle & Sophia? It’s a simple read but the message is beautiful & so apt. My daughter was given it & every time I read it to her I think of your two girls. ISBN #978-1-4472-2014-5.

    This picture is stunning. He was certainly a great mix of you both.

  6. Shari Knight says:

    Such a beautiful boy…LOVE (and tears)

  7. Al Berkowitz says:

    Hi Lenny,

    So beautiful, his love and innocence always shines through his pictures. God Bless

  8. You can just tell from the photos of Noah that he did not have a “bad” side, just sweetness and good.  Really like this photo of Noah.

  9. I hope Noah’s face is the first thing I see when I get to heaven…for him to hold my hand and walk with me and show me heaven and meet all of his friends <3

  10. T Martinez says:

    nice picture of Noah.

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