Thank You, Julia, for honoring Noah in this way.  This would have been Noah’s kind of fun, especially in Dubai!
December 1, 2014
December 17, 2014
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  1. Ves C says:

    He’s so incredibly beautiful… 😢💕

  2. Jan Heins says:

    Such a handsome boy……. 😪

  3. T Martinez says:

    sweet precious Noah,thinking of you and your family.

  4. Steve Boaz says:

    What a sweet boy. Pure innocence. We love you Noah.

  5. Shari Knight says:

    Oh such a beautiful little boy, so precious❤️

  6. Forever loved and never forgotten.

  7. I wish I had an encouraging word to say…but what can I say that hasn’t been said…instead I just want to let you know, my heart aches with your family, I am deeply saddened for your tremendous loss…I weep and mourn with you.

    I hope there is some comfort in knowing we are all standing with you, though we can’t take it away, as much as we wish we could, we can walk alongside you and so here we are. I am praying for you all.

    Thank you for sharing this extremely special photo. Noah will forever be in our hearts, as will your family be. You are not alone. We will never forget.💕

  8. Shari Knight says:

    Marybeth Santos, Well said Marybeth, I feel as you do ❤️Noah❤️

  9. Al Berkowitz says:

    Hi Lenny

    Marybeth, well said, he looks so sweet. Hanucha is such a mixed emotion Holiday now. I hope Sophia and Arielle have as much joy and comfort as can be, I hope and pray you and Veronique have some peace knowing how many people love and pray for Noah and your family everyday

    At my job I sometimes go to the Danbury office, my drive to Sandy Hook exit to 84. One of those days was 12/12/12. We always got a visitors sticker that day. I still keep it with me, may seem silly, but it’s my small way to keep Sandy Hook with me.

    Always in our prayers.

  10. Dan Geiger says:

    I always say that the more recent pics of Noah are the hardest to look at knowing that he would die so soon.

  11. Jan Heins says:

    So very true, Dan Geiger, so very true…..

  12. Al Berkowitz says:

    So sad. I miss the little guy. Looking at his soft smile, you can see the little gap from his lost tooth. So beautiful.

    God Bless you Noah and your friends

  13. Eileen Smith says:

    His face is etched in my memory. Xoxo

  14. I love this pic of him 💜 he will always be my favorite little man 💜

  15. Scott gove says:

    Noah is a gift of love, pure energy and innocence…he loved all things boyish . he so missed and loved …<3

  16. Dan Geiger says:

    It’s possible that’s the most recent pic you’ve posted, maybe the last one him alive.  I imagine this time of year is especially hard for you.

  17. It’s been a sad day and week as well…I misscarried my baby this past weekend and I’m not as sad as I should be because I know that he or she is playing in Heaven with Noah 😇

  18. Oh no Stephanie! I am just so sorry…prayers and hugs being sent your way😔

  19. Dan Geiger says:

    Stephanie, I’m sorry for your loss.  Someone close to me miscarried almost 3 years ago, and I know it’s tough.  I’ll say a prayer for you and your family.

  20. Marybeth Santos Thank you hun 😊

  21. I can’t add much more…it has all been said so beautifully by everybody. I will say this though: this picture makes me wonder what he was saying at that moment. It is candid & lovely & I almost feel I could reach out & hug him. 

  22. Ves C says:

    Stephanie Mcgarry I’m so sorry to hear that! So, so sorry for your loss. That’s just awful, and I can only imagine how sad you’re all feeling, with your loss compounded by the 2 year anniversary of the loss of Noah. My thoughts are with you. 😔

  23. Dan Geiger​ Thank you Dan…it was hard the first time when I lost my first child then God blessed me with another baby (a boy) and now that I lost this one I’m at peace knowing it’s all going to be OK 💜

  24. Oh Stephanie, I’m so sorry. x 

  25. Shari Knight says:

    Stephanie Mcgarry, so sorry to hear about your miscarriage, sending hugs

  26. Jan Heins says:

    So sorry for your loss Stephanie Mcgarry

  27. Stephanie Mcgarry​​ I lost a premie boy at 21 weeks and miscarried after him I feel your pain in your loss. Sorry for your loss. Thinking of you.

    Lenny my thoughts are with you more so this week. I will be thinking of Noah and the other angels on Sunday. We will have our Sandy Hook angel pins on wearing them to church and my son’s band concert. I attempted to make ribbon cookies for the concert last year but they were a sloppy mess. Thinking of trying again this year. Hugs and thoughts of support to you and the family. 💖

  28. Traci Griffin-Lappe Thank you hun 💜

  29. Al Berkowitz says:

    Oh Stephanie,

    I am so sorry, you and your family are in my prayers.

    God Bless

  30. Cheryl T says:

    Stephanie Mcgarry

    Stephanie, I’m so sorry. I’ve been there a few times myself so I have an idea of the pain you’re going thru. That being said, we all travel our own unique paths of acceptance. Take care of yourself.  Sending prayers and thoughts of comfort your way.

  31. Cheryl T says:

    Lenny, thanks for sharing your son with us. Getting to know him has truly been a blessing. He encourages many of us to go beyond our comfort levels as we strive to make this world deserving of beautiful,  innocent children like Noah.

  32. P mor says:

    We love you beautiful boy

  33. Thinking of you and Veronique and the kids. It’s hard to believe in 2 days it will be 2 years. Still breaks my heart to think about it. Praying for you guys. <3

  34. Randy Cayea says:

    Love this picture. I’m sorry, Noah. I wish our country had done better to protect you. My wife and I went to DC yesterday to attend a vigil at the Washington National Cathedral to honor you and your 25 classmates and educators. We will always remember you, little man. We will always work for you. We will always fight to change what needs to be changed. We’ll keep fighting!

  35. God Bless. I think of him all the time, as well as all the other babies lost on that day and their teachers. Be well.

  36. Eileen Smith says:

    Stephanie Mcgarry So sorry for your loss.   

  37. Lenny Pozner says:

    Noah’s backpack sat nearly two years with us untouched. It was returned to us with his belongings from the school. Today Veronique looked inside and one of the items inside was his bedroom nigh-light.  His nightlight never left the house and always stayed in his room.  Something gave Noah the idea to take it to school with him.  Noah’s nigh-light is an angel figurine with wings and the kids have had it for as long I can remember………….

  38. omg…………..

    Thinking about your little angel every day. Wonder how he would look like by now as a 8 year old. He is so precious in this picture………

    We have just had a flight and watched the sun come up from the east. I was telling Noah what day it is today and Noah wouldn’t take the eyes off the window insisting that we’ll have to look really close to see the angels of Sandy Hook school……..

    I just saw a new blue day coming up, but Noah would say that there was something moving on the horizon.

  39. Dear little Noah, 

    You are missed and loved by so many people you never knew even existed! We are doing our best to look after your family; brother, sisters, mum & dad.Every time we think of them and of you, we want you to know it is just as if we were right there beside them to comfort them with a smile, or encouragement, or just to sit and listen in silence.They’re so very brave & strong too. They are not ever going to be ok without you here, so until that day when you get to snuggle up to them again, we will do our best to look after them, from near and far. They have shared you with the world, Noah! They are surrounded by the energy of people who care. Sweet little boy, you must be happy where you are. Now there is no more danger.Try to be patient until you can be where you belong- in the embrace of your parents.  

  40. As in New York it is still dark I send you a picture of the first sunlight from up in the sky on this morning of 12/14/14

    May it greet you on this new day when you will make new memories. Sending you lots of love

  41. Beautifully said Julia Macaulay 

  42. Shari Knight says:

    Lenny, we are thinking of you and your family today, sending prayers and hugs…❤️Noah❤️👼

  43. I just now read what you wrote about the backpack. How precious a gift from above. I hope it was a comfort in some way. I have no words to say that I could believe would bring you comfort. That’s why I posted the little angel, a simple reflection of my heart. Remembering him with you today.

  44. Al Berkowitz says:

    Dear Lenny

    So very touching, lump in my throught as I read about your beautiful little Noah. It was like he knew or felt the need for an angel. I hope somehow God gave him and his friends and teachers some comfort. I am so sorry he is not home now. Such a beautiful boy, such a beautiful family. I wish I had more wisdom, but just babbling on with my thoughts.

    Every morning as my son runs to the bus, back pack dangling I think of Noah.

    God Bless you Noah, God Bless your little angel friends God Bless your family.

  45. Ves C says:

    Lenny, words fail me. When I read your post about Noah’s backpack, my heavy heart lightened a little. I hope you and Veronique and the girls felt a similar comfort. It was like Noah’s hug from above.

    My thoughts are with you and your family, today as always. Peace be with all of you, and may your hearts have been lifted by Noah’s gift.

    Noah, you are the most precious, most beautiful angel. While you were on Earth, those whose life you touched were so incredibly blessed. Since you’ve left this world, you have touched countless more. You are loved beyond any words could possibly describe, beautiful boy.


  46. Ves C says:

    Julia Macaulay, your beautiful, eloquent words speak wonderfully for us all.

  47. Shari Knight says:

    Beautifully said Ves C Julia Macaulay…..tears…❤️noah❤️

  48. Lynn H says:

    Thinking of you and your family today, Lenny. 💚

  49. Eileen Smith says:

    Ves C Beautifully said Ves — my thoughts are with the Pozners today, and the other families too.

  50. Had tears once again when reading about his backpack. The things kids get by us and take to school and their sixth sense about why they needed that item. Thoughts, hugs and love to you and your family today as always.

  51. Jan Heins says:

    The night light story is so heart-wrenching. What was going through his mind when he put it in his backpack 😢. Keeping Noah and his family too, in my thoughts today, as well as the other families affected that day…

  52. Steve Boaz says:

    Thinking and preying for you and your beautiful family Lenny, on this most difficult day. Your backback story brought tears to my eyes. We all love you and your family. Give Veronique a big hug for us. Noah is so special and so loved by so many many people, even though Noah life was short, God gave him a purpose. Noah has changed my life for the better. I love him for that. He will never be forgotten. I will light a candle for him on this day as long i live. God takes special care of all the children!

  53. I was just washing the dishes a short time ago and thinking about the nightlight. And was overcome with tears…a special reminder that his light still shines on…💙

  54. Cheryl T says:

    Dec 14th. Sigh. Hard to put things into words today.  Feeling overwhelmed by a tremendous sense of love & compassion and a nagging feeling of unfinished business. We can’t undo this but we can make it better for others. Noah, his friends and teachers stand as beacons in the dark. They guide us toward our better selves and with time, patience and hard work, toward a safer tomorrow. Much love to his family today and always.

  55. Oh Lenny, when we were on the plane this morning watching the sun coming up, I thought about the same day two years ago and talked about it with Noah…………………………When we arrived at the airport we saw computers there to use and spent some time on the internet while waiting for the next flight. I went straight to your page and read your post about Noah’s backpack this morning (well it was morning where I was) and it left me breathless. I thought about why you had that backpack sitting there for two years without touching it. It made me think of how I would have been in that situation…………………………………..what would I have done with the backpack……………………………….

    So Noah had taken his little angel light to school that day. Do you think there are signs in life, previsions, or is it all just pure coincidence? I was sitting on that computer thinking about it and then just wanted to write you and then I thought of sending you the pictures from the plane and I figured it out how to do it with my work’s cell phone (I’m not good at these things) and I managed to do it. I hoped that any kind of compassion from somebody else might provide you some kind of comfort on this especially difficult day. I was so in thoughts, we missed our connecting flight. I just forgot about going to the gate.

    Oh that was a mess. We had to do a booking for a next flight which cost me more than the initial tickets. I got so upset and started weeping right there at the Star Alliance Service Center. I was so angry at myself. All the sudden I looked behind me and saw little Noah there all in tears, pouring, crying out loud. People there were looking and I told Noah not to worry about it, that we’ll just take the next flight and that money comes and goes some way or another. Noah while crying wept that it wasn’t about the money and then said that the 14th of December will forever be an unlucky day, the day that the 20 children of my age died could never be a good day again. There was somebody from the service staff coming and offered Noah something to drink and asked what was wrong. Noah told them but they seemed to hardly remember Sandy Hook School on December 14 2012.

    We then spent hours at that airport, enough time for Noah to play Zelda on the Nintendo (and getting into levels never reached before till the battery went dead) and for me to read through all the papers there. In NONE of them I read a single word about Sandy Hook two years after the tragedy. Not even in the NY Times, New York being just a drive away from Newtown. I found that really upsetting.

    We got on the second plane and went to our seats. Noah had seat 20 D. Noah said to me “See mom, there are signs, it’s 20 D, 20 children and one was Daniel, that’s a sign, just like Noah’s angel light, and I always pick 20 at school because I think of them often” (there is a game they play at school where you have to pick some number). On that flight I was thinking about that maybe Noah shouldn’t have seen so much about that incident. They are getting so smart at that age and I worry it might me too hard on them, Noah has turned 9.

    I was thinking about that when Noah called me and pointed to the other side of the plane where in a difficult angle to see you could tell that the sun was going down and last orange sun light fell into the windows. Noah told me to make pictures and stated “How short was this day, we’ve just made pictures of the sun rising and now it’s already going down again. Life is really passing so fast”………..

    I took out my cell phone but the battery was almost dead and it wouldn’t make no picture. Noah said I should take the camera and I told Noah that the battery was dead since two days before when we had last used it. Noah told me to try. I tried and it switched on and made just some last pictures of the sun going down, right in the last seconds before the plane sank into the clouds going down for landing and then the camera was dead again. Noah said “See, that was just in time, with just some last battery, that was no coincidence”.

    We got to that next airport where our luggage had not arrived with us…… We had lost the third flight too and there were no more connecting flights to our final destination today. So we are stuck now with our hand luggage at this place and Noah just went to sleep. I got up this morning December 14 at 3:30 AM and now it’s 11:47 PM and I’m really tired. There is a last thing Noah has asked me before falling asleep, if I could send you the picture from the sun down this December evening. So I put it here for you

    and hope it might provide you some comfort to know that we were with you today all day long, in our thoughts and reflections, and with the other families, with Daniel’s dad Mark Barden who so heartbreakingly writes about his last days with Daniel……………………………………

    I’m not upset anymore about loosing the flight today and spending so much more money, well it is a little adventure, you can’t be perfect at all times, you can’t be so hard on yourself at all times.

    We enjoyed flying today, when you’re up there and you can actually see that the horizon is actually round …………….. Makes me think that we all have just a certain time to live, that we have to be mindful of the gift of your own life, no matter what.

    Sending many greetings your way on this December 14

    Hope you don’t mind the long post (if so, you may delete it)

  56. Dan Geiger says:

    Sandra, I’m sure that Noah is affected by the fact that he shares a name with one of the victims, I know I am.

  57. Jan Heins says:

    Beautiful pictures, Sandra Brattge. You have a lovely and compassionate boy.

  58. Dan Geiger says:

    Lenny, how are you and your family doing today?  I’m sure you’re missing Noah more than ever.

  59. Shari Knight says:

    Happy Hanukkah To you and your family Lenny, keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers🎇

  60. Steve Boaz says:

    Yes, Lenny. Also wishing you and your family a peaceful Hanukkah. Peace and love to you and yours.

  61. Dan Geiger says:

    Happy Hannukah to your family and all of those celebrating.

  62. Randy Cayea says:

    Lenny, this past Sunday, my family and I honored Noah. We went to a local taco place and gave a random family a card with money inside. We wrote on the card that this was a Sandy Hook first grader we were honoring. We added, “This random act of kindness is in memory and honor of Noah Pozner. Noah loved tacos. Enjoy some tacos in his memory today.” I hope you and your family are well.

  63. Al Berkowitz says:

    Happy Hanukkah.

    I hope and pray you, your girls and family have a peaceful Holiday Season. There are a lot of people praying for you.

    And tacos will forever be so much more precious to my family

    Chag Sameach

  64. Cheryl T says:

    Happy Hanukkah. Love to your family this holiday season.

  65. Shari Knight says:

    ❤️sweet Noah❤️love

  66. I just keep coming back to this picture…each time my heart stands still💙

  67. Noah is engraved in my heart as one of my very own.

  68. 💕💙💕👼💕💙💕

  69. Ves C says:

    His beauty makes me cry.


  70. Shari Knight says:

    The most beautiful boy❤️Noah❤️❤️

  71. Steve Boaz says:

    I agree Ves. Noah has the cutest little face. Just love him.

  72. Jan Heins says:

    Just hugs, today…….💓

  73. Shari Knight says:

    Thinking of Noah❤️

  74. one of noahs last picture treasure it forever 6 years old

  75. Shari Knight says:

    Thinking of this most beautiful angel today…love this picture of Noah❤️

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