December 10, 2014
Happy Hanukah
December 20, 2014
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  1. Ves C says:

    So difficult to watch this…

    I can only imagine the pain of that day. It’s unfathomable…all of it. 😢

  2. omg….Noah laid to rest 2 years ago today

    this seems so unreal….those shoveling sounds….

    watching this just made my stomach sick

    I cannot imagine having to confront this situation

    I’m sure this is going to haunt you for the rest of your life

    I just wished we could help

    Love to you Lenny

  3. I just can not imagine having the strength…I am so sorry I hadn’t even thought about this other heart wrenching anniversary…it’s just not fair😔 my thoughts and my heart are with you and your family.

  4. I am so sorry that we failed Noah…

  5. It makes my stomach sick too Sandra Brattge

  6. Absolutely devastating…many tears

  7. Our local TV talk show that replaced Oprah was discussing the need for a sympathy to a status in addition to the “like” as there is nothing to like about the loss of this beautiful boy way to soon. I have nothing but Sympathy as well Empathy for you.

  8. Dan Geiger says:

    I imagine the emotions are still raw.

  9. Lenny, Veronique, thinking. of you. so much. 

  10. Dan Geiger says:

    I don’t know if it will get easier, but I know they’ll never totally get over it.

  11. Steve Boaz says:

    A child should outlive the parents. Just terrible to imagine, having to bury your child. I grive for you Lenny and Veronique, and the children. I just wish this never happened. God bless Noah, we love you.

  12. Dan Geiger says:

    The grief is something that they will live with for the rest of their lives.

  13. I can’t believe you even had to endure such a terrible thing, I myself might have passed out, because that’s how I feel inside when I watch this….I can see your strength in this video, and I can also see your struggle….we are with you……💙

  14. Ves C says:

    Beautifully said, Marybeth Santos.

  15. I can’t even sit through this without crying…it’s heart wrenching and just not fair!!!Christmas is coming and Noah should be alive with his family and his twin celebrating and having fun.. Not buried six feet deep!!How I wish I can just go to heaven and tell God that it’s not Noahs time yet and bring him back to his family!It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it!!NOAH…I love you so much 💜

  16. Ves C says:

    So much love for you, beautiful little, Noah, felt by so many people around this world. You are so deeply loved and so terribly missed. ❤️😢💚

  17. Steve Boaz says:

    I feel your pain Stephanie, for me this whole terrible thing has been very emotional and heartbreaking. It is most unfair. God bless Lenny and his family. And God bless innocent, little Noah.

  18. So so sorry, and so so sad. I think of Noah all the time and all the other innocent children lost that day, as well as staff. To this day, it hurts me that Noah is no longer with you, but he will always be in your hearts as well as so many like me who never personally knew him but feel he’s a part of our lives too as you continue to share the memories with us. I can only send prayers your way and hope that you are having “better days” and they will continue to improve as time goes on. Love and prayers to you all.

  19. Hi Lenny

    Anissa, your words really capture how I feel as well. God Bless you Lenny, your little Noah and wonderful family. God Bless these little angels and their teachers.

  20. Hi Lenny

    Today was my companies Holiday Party, 2 years ago we had it on 12/14/2014. Several of my work friends are from Sandy Hook and other parts of Newtown We were all starring at our smart phones, crying, talking praying and crying some more. For what it is worth, driving to the party today, right before the restaurant there were 2 storage truck labeled “Noah’s Ark.”

    Your little man Noah will always be a part of my life. God Bless

  21. Dan Geiger says:

    What I remember about that day is that I’d just passed my 2nd actuary exam, and I was going to dinner with my family to celebrate.

  22. My Adobe flash player isn’t updated which means I cannot watch this. The image of you there Lenny sends a thousand messages and the act of a father’s love in burying his child is just the first message.   

  23. Scott gove says:

    I will never forget….lenny my heart crys everytime …..😰

  24. Ves C says:

    This heart wrenching scene regularly runs through my mind, Scott gove. I can’t stand that he’s gone. Words cannot convey how much I love this beautiful boy.


  25. Steve Boaz says:

    You are so right Ves. Such an unspeakable act, hard to move away from. We all love this beautiful child Noah. Lenny we are preying for you and your family always and forever. I will never forget your beautiful Noah. Hope you and your beautiful family have found some peace.

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