Childrens Science Museum – Poughkepsie, NY

5/06/2010  —  Putnam Memorial State Park
January 23, 2014
9/16/11  —  Childrens Adventure Center
January 28, 2014
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Childrens Science Museum – Poughkepsie, NY

Childrens Science Museum – Poughkepsie, NY



  1. I just love to see your kids in action. They are really great kids!

  2. Thank you for sharing. Wish you a good weekend!

  3. I realize now you must be up late. It’s already morning here in overseas and I’m at work at school. In about an hour lots of kids come to school to learn English or German. I really do enjoy the kids. They are so much fun. Wish you a great day tomorrow with your kids! Many greetings from Spain!

  4. Al Berkowitz says:

    Hi Lenny,

    Just too cute. I hope Arielle is as happy as possible. Please give her and Sophia a hug from us.

  5. Jan Heins says:

    Noah taking care of Arielle ….. I’m sure he still does. Love to see them in action.

  6. Steve Boaz says:

    Love to see Noah and Arielle together, playing and being happy. Give the girls a big hug for me. I will give Noah a big hug in my dreams.

  7. Shari Knight says:

    They are just precious…breaks my heart </3

  8. T Martinez says:

    thanks for sharing, i like all the pictures and videos makes me happy to see and at the same time feel sad.

  9. dear lenny  could you publish a book about noah and all the lovely pictures you have of him

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