I Love you, Arielle.  —  From Noah

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  1. That is absolutely beautiful! Arielle will cherish it the rest of her life. I hope she sees him saying the words in her mind, every time she looks at it. I LOVE YOU, NOAH…and so does the world.


  2. Brother sister love. So precious and so personal. Their bond will never be broken. We love you to Arielle. Lenny my heart breaks for Arielle and for you and Veronique. The world has lost a loving and sweet child whom we all love, Noah. He has softened my heart and l love him for that.


  3. I’m so happy Arielle has this. He had lovely writing. Check out those “e” s! They’re perfect! Like Marybeth said, his name in cursive! I bet he was pleased with this drawing.

    Arielle, you darling girl, Noah will always love you and I’m glad you have his writing. X


  4. Life on earth is just borrowed time, eternity is forever. I know that they will have forever together. I am just so heartbroken over the loss and the pain to get to forever. My prayers…


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