May 11, 2014
May 13, 2014
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  1. wow, Noah had a beautiful face and brains. That’s a tough combination. Then to put the cherry on top he was pleasant and learning to be a good friend to his classmates. You guys have a lot to be proud of, most of all the honor of being chosen to be his mom and dad. love…

  2. He was the best son anyone could ever hope for. Full of curiosity, compassion, & charm.

  3. Dan Geiger says:

    I can see what an amazing kid he was.  I’d love to know what he and his classmates would have accomplished in their lives.

  4. Such a special boy, smart and beautiful.

  5. Lenny Pozner Noah was lucky to have you as his father

  6. Hi Lenny,

    Why am I not surprised, he truely was as beautiful as on the outside. Just a wonderful little mensch. God Bless his beautiful soul.

  7. Ves C says:

    Glimpses into Noah’s life and personality are so deeply precious and appreciated. He is described so similarly to my own son, it makes me cry. Remarkable little boy. Will never leave my heart and mind. Love.

  8. Jan Heins says:

    I agree Ves C, Noah was a joy to those around him, it seems. I also see my grandson when I read these school reports. Thanks for sharing, Lenny.

  9. Thanks for sharing, it affirms everything that has been said about Noah; just a very special little boy, bright, inquisitive and kind. 

  10. Oh Lenny! Reading this I feel so proud of your little boy. The inverted numbers made me smile- one of my boys often wrote “3” backwards at the same age.

  11. Steve Boaz says:

    Avis is right, you should be proud of Noah. A beautiful boy who was smart, outgoing, and compassionate. It a reflection of you lenny and Veronique, good parents who spent quality time with your children.

  12. So sweet! An extra glimpse into who he was, it’s amazing that the little boy I never knew, whose face captivated me about a yr and a half ago, feels so alive in my heart as if I had known him all along, thanks to you and Veronique for keeping his memory alive, you are still being great parents to him. I know I will meet him someday, I look forward to that day. Love to your family Lenny, I hope the day was a merciful one.

  13. I used to help out once a week when my son was in kindergarten (same school year). We have full day kindergarten it was a tough adjustment for my little guy. Especially since he broke his leg at school the first week of school and had to use a wheelchair till after Halloween. Reading this reminds me of helping his fellow classmates with the same skills. Newtown schools report cards are a lot more informative then our school district. No wonder why so many people seemed to choose this community to raise their family. I bet he was doing just as well while in 1st grade. So many things your family, the children and teachers were robbed of that school year. Thanks for sharing your smart/bright little boy. Such a treasure.

  14. Dan Geiger says:

    I also know that there are great teachers there.  They’re all heroes, not just the six that died.  I remember seeing an interview with Arielle’s teacher.

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