December 24, 2013
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January 3, 2014
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  1. Awww…Love…absolutely adorable. Thinking of you Noah, and your family today.

  2. Steve Boaz says:

    Little Noah, so cute and lovable.

  3. My god was he such a gorgeous chubby baby…Merry Christmas to the Pozner family and Merry Christmas to you up above Noah oxoxox

  4. Hi Lenny,

    Just so cute. A little gift with bows. Did he put the bows on himself?

    Wishing you strength and peace. God Bless

  5. He’s such a handsome, handsome boy. Just gorgeous!!!!!! With his little baby bottle. So cute. We really love him!!!!! He’s always gonna be your little boy. While it’s dark night here already, we wish you a good Christmas Day afternoon

  6. Precious baby, he is in the arms of the savior tonight, I pray you may rest sweetly in that, if not now, someday….I know this time of yr. is hard, you are all in my thoughts and prayers always.

  7. What a cute photo.  I hope that you and Veronique have a good holiday and a Happy New Year.  Thinking good thoughts your way.

  8. Precious beyond words. =) I pray that 2014 brings your family much peace. Noah is forever in my heart.

  9. I would like to share this with Mr.Pozner that I had a dream about Noah last night…he was dressed in white and he had wings and he was running through what seemed to be a garden full of flowers and there were so many beautiful colors and the sky was so blue like Noah’s eyes and it was so beautiful and he was so beautiful…the most beautiful Angel I had ever seen…I think he was letting us know that he is ok and that he is having fun with Jesus and his friends in heaven…We all love and miss you Noah <3

  10. Jan Heins says:

    Thinking of Noah…… I always want to post my thoughts, but I am unable to be as eloquent as others on these posts. Just know that I am thinking of him, as always, and hope that you and your family have found some peace this holiday…..

  11. Oh how i love those little cheeks…what a beautiful little boy.

  12. Hi Lenny, you remind us a lot of Noah in this profile photo. especially your eyes! We wish you a great day and all the best wishes for you and your family! Many greetings from overseas from Noah and Sandra

  13. 10,000 bows would not have been enough to have adorned Noah with. He truly was a gift from heaven. The only problem is that the heavens did not let us have him long enough

  14. Steve Boaz says:

    Hi Lenny, l just would like to wish you and your family a happy new year. May 2014 bring you peace and continued healing. God bless you and Veronique and bless Noah.

  15. Hi Lenny,

    From my family to yours, have a very happy and healthy New Year. May 2014 bring you as much peace, comfort and strength as possible. God Bless Noah and your wonderful Family.

  16. Jan Heins says:

    Best wishes to you and your family for the new year and may Noah continue to watch over you.

  17. Happy New Year to you and your family.  May this year be better.  

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