Being silly with a wig.
November 23, 2013
Life for a Newtown Parent, One Year After the Massacre – Westchester Magazine – December 2013 – Westchester, NY
December 1, 2013
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  1. Jan Heins says:

    Was thinking of Noah a lot today. I dread the holidays already for personal reasons, but this year I am thinking more of your family as well….

  2. T Martinez says:

    oh my gosh just as cute as can be with those sunglasses.i  feel so bad he should be here love to you and your family. noah been on my mind. just a cutie.

  3. He is so cute, thinking of Noah and your family alot…sending hugs

  4. Steve Boaz says:

    Very cool, Noah. Great picture lenny another memory to hold on to. Thanks for sharing Noah with us.

  5. Hi Lenny,

    Wow, very cute and very cool little guy. Thinking of Noah every night of Hanukkah. May these pictures give you joy and comfort.

  6. Thinking of you all today Lenny <3

  7. Carnival is coming up and tomorrow Noah’s got the big Carnival event at school. This year Noah’s grade they all have to go as cowboys, and Noah, despite loving Toy Story’s Woody a lot, wasn’t too happy about it because would have preferred to go as Transformer. Noah said yesterday “Porque no puedo ir como Transforrmerr como el otro Noah?” I didn’t know what Noah was talking about and Noah then insisted and showed me this photo of Noah on your page. Noah had not forgotten about this picture, probably because we have the same costume but with a big plastic mask to it. Only that it is already running a little small on Noah here. It fit better a year and two years ago. It’s just not fair, Noah had everything ahead. Love you Noah Pozner!

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